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Retainers in Denver, CO

One fact about our teeth is that they shift naturally. While the shifting of teeth isn’t always an issue, sometimes it can lead to problems with gaps between our upper and lower teeth, tooth decay, and other oral issues.  Braces are the first step to fixing this issue. Once your braces are removed, Dietmeier Orthodontics will fit you for a retainer to ensure that the work your braces did won’t be undone by naturally shifting teeth.

What Types of Retainers Will I Have?

Retainers will be fitted for you at Dietmeier Orthodontics. Some retainers are made of metal and acrylic and are usually worn for one year following the removal of your braces.  This type of retainer is removable. The second type of retainer is a small, metal wire that is bonded to the back of your upper and lower front teeth with glue. It is not removable but also not noticeable. This retainer is a more permanent solution.

Visit Dietmeier Orthodontics today regarding your questions about retainers. We will help you decide what the best option is for you.

Boy with Retainers