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Girl smiling on wedding day with straight teeth

Wedding planning: preparing your smile for the big day

Here comes the…braces?! We all experience many milestone events in our lifetime, but few are more significant (or involve more picture-taking) than your wedding day. Whether you are a young bride or groom at the start of adulthood or found your special someone later in life, your dreams for your wedding…

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Two women smiling one with mask on

Can a better smile impact your career?

A smile sounds like such a simple thing, but it’s amazing how much power it has. A smile can brighten your day. When in a room full of strangers, a smile can instantly help you feel at ease. And…

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sim-68613 blog crooked-teeth

The straight truth about crooked teeth

As a child, a grin with missing front teeth or a crooked smile only adds to our cute charm. Face it, we’re adorable! It isn’t until later in life, when we start feeling self-conscious about our…

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